Lumbar Discograms

Provocative discography is a diagnostic test that can help determine whether or not a particular disc is a source of pain in the low back. Discography is usually considered when contemplating surgery or other potential intradiscal treatments.

EMG/Nerve Conduction Study

Electrodiagnostics is a diagnostic test of the peripheral nerves and muscles used to determine whether or not there is nerve and muscle damage or dysfunction. Electrodiagnostic testing can help determine the location, the extent, and timing of such damage or dysfunction. Just as importantly, electrodiagnostic testing can reveal normal nerve and muscle function.

Medial Branch Block of Facet Joints

A medial branch block can help determine which of the joints of the spine may be painful by placing a local anesthetic near the different joints of the spine. By determining which joint may be painful, a more specific treatment plan can be decided.